Looking out for oneself: Both Christians and non-Christians think that’s wise to do, but what about other people?  One can’t very well love a “neighbor”¹ without first loving (or valuing) oneself².


   Interacting well with others involves (1) Not causing them to make bad decisions, (2) not holding grudges, (3) forgiving and asking forgiveness, (4) having the right timing and tone, and (5) knowing how to give and receive.


(16)      May I not cause anyone to stumble.

(17)       And if I sin against others,

   may I stop

   to ask their forgiveness.

(18)      May I also be quick to forgive others

   as you have forgiven me.


For more use the DOOR.




(19)      May I live to please your Spirit.

(20)      May I be bold at the right time.

 and quiet at the right time;

(21)       May I run when I should run,

         walk when I should walk

         wait when I should wait;

(22)       May I follow the path

         you have pressed under my feet.

(23)       May I obey you in all things.


    This brings us to the 3 parts on giving.


(24)       Thank you for all you have given me.

(25)        May I accept and use those special gifts

                you have given me;

(26)        And may I give wisely and generously

                to those in need.


   [For those desiring a paper copy of this prayer–all 34 parts–printed on a legal-sized sheet, enclose in an envelope $1 (U.S) as handling expense and one SASE (self-addressed stamped [49 ¢] envelope) business envelope to John Knapp II, 46 Knappian Way, Montrose, PA 18801. That’s sending information the old snail-mail way ♥. On this sheet will appear both a “personal” and a “corporate” (for groups) version of the 34-part prayer + more than 100 Bible references supporting what the prayer says. The prayer may be freely copied for others–and may be suitable for group worship, Sunday school or Sabbath classes, or small group use.]


   ¹ The purpose here is not to define “other people,” “neighbor,” or any other generalities. That’s a subject for another time. God can can fill in these pieces as you pray. Further, As stated above in red, more than 100 supporting Bible passages to the 34 segments of this prayer. They appear on the sheet but not here.