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Cover:    “The Answers Issue”


   This Time will affect how you think from now on.


(a)  “greatly” for 23% of you


(b)  “somewhat significantly,” for                           41% of you


(c)  (you must admit) “at least a little”                    for 14% of you


(d)  22% of you will discover it’s                             already sold out.



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   What’s going on here? First, this is a “double thick” issue  (like “old Times“–sorry about the pun) so it’s a bargain: you’re getting 2 times as much for your money.

   Second, it introduces–or underscores–that we’ve entered “THE SECOND AGE OF REASON.” And why? Because answers now can be instantly obtained about anything. “God” has evolved to “Google.” Information about anything keeps pouring in. From where, sometimes we aren’t always sure. Hence the double issue was not just to give the Time staff a week (weak?) time-out. This issue is loaded–and it’s a “keeper,” really, for clutterful¹ people:

   For example:

   (1)  What is the most patriotic color?

   (2)  Where do more people walk the most?  (San Antonio)

   (3)  Why does the bag not inflate if oxygen is flowing to the mask (in a plane)?

   (4)  Where do babies come from (when adopting)?

   (5)  Do the rich live longer?

   (6)  What do we do in our free time?

   (7)  When comparing families from 5 different economic classes,

(a)  How many family (heads?) in each class have college degrees?

(b)  What are the different SAT scores?

(c)   How many have had sex by age 16?

(d)  How many smoke?

etc. etc. etc.

   (8) How many guns are in the U.S?

   (9)  Why don’t we get heart cancer?

   (10)  When will Ocean City be under water?

   (11)  What is the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (so far)?

   (12)  How may military active-duty suicides in 2013?  (259)



   There are thousands of questions answered in this magazine spiked with colorful graphics and illustrations. So what does all this mean? According to Time, we’re in a age that gives answers you could never have had before…at least without doing a lifetime of spadework. Of course, when questions head toward the future, answers come cloaked with percentage and probability numbers. No expert is going to be sent up the creek for lying about one of the 6 ways the universe will end in x-billion years. All this sort of talk was impossible some 20+ years ago, though we were already racing down the interstate to the information age.

   So how to think about this? And, by the way, where did we get the numbers we started out with?

   We just gathered them. Take our word for it. You’ll be exercising faith in many more ways than you ever thought you would when you use the Internet in the days to come.


   ¹”Clutterful”– (adj.) describes a person’s life space when, by choice or chance, one is surrounded by more than the usual number, and kind, of possessions or things that are alleged to bring greater meaning to life.  Source: KID (Knapp’s Internet Dictionary). You heard it here first…