From time to time we’ve mentioned “exoplanets” which are more than just a good Scrabble word. They are planets that exist beyond our Solar System. (Drop the “exo” and the “planet” that’s left is a Solar System one.)


Here’s our summary:


PLANETS (from our solar system) AND EXOPLANETS:


When I went to school:   9 planets          0 exoplanets


Shortly thereafter:            8 planets¹        0 exoplanets²


Now:                                  8 planets       775 exoplanets³


What’s happened? For more use the DOOR.



Science, especially physics, astronomy, and space science has been busy! So much has happened that it’s hard to keep up! (One reason why exists.)

There’s been spectacular developments in space travel, photography, and analysis of data that comes from “pictures.”

Does this mean that other people, or other life, is out there? Well, there’s no scientific evidence for that (despite my novel). The issue of “Goldilocks–’just right’–conditions” for life on planets “out there” is a whole different story. It’s related to the “fine-tuning” arguments that both scientists and Christians have been talking about lately.

And we’re not going there now.

Time’s up.

(But if you want more, we recommend looking at or, where jungles of numbers are tabulated.)


¹ Pluto was kicked out of the Solar System neighborhood. (It was found to behave very differently than regular planets.)

² Not strictly true because of my fuzzy categories, but give me a pass here.

³ Watch this number to move around as there are different ways to confirm numbers and there are small differences among investigators. It’s astonishing, however, to see what precise details can be “argued for” by analyzing starlight.