Enough heavy stuff!

Where are the curiosities you say you look at?


Here are 3:

(1)  The multi-tasking pacemaker

(2)  The Strange Death of Mary Reeser

Mary reeser

   M. R.  (1884 – July 2, 1951)

(3)  The Falling Tree

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(1)  There’s the case of the unusual pacemaker put inside a wizened old geezer who hadn’t quite lost his eye for what gave him past enjoyment. In the afternoons he especially enjoyed  sitting on his porch and watching the “pretty girls” go by.  The problem was that when one or several pretty ones walked by, his pacemaker would send his neighbor’s garage door up and down. Now what is my source? It’s just a story that’s passed around. Put its reliability alongside the headlines of the tabloids you’re forced to view before you “swipe” your credit card at the grocery store checkout…But…in spite of this, it’s a story that can brighten up dinner conversation.

(2)  Mary Reeser is an altogether different story. For years I’ve carried the report of this St. Petersburg FL woman’s death in one of my miscellaneous boxes. Ms. Reeser is said to have suddenly died of spontaneous combustion in her chair, leaving only part of a leg behind.

But I’ll leave you to look at the FBI and medical reports of this for you to inspect, if you’re interested (easy to find on the Internet). There’s several articles about Ms. Reeser and other, rare, occurrences to inspect.

(3)  The last comes from my personal experience and strains my credibility. After examining an uncertain small tree overhanging a neighbor’s boathouse I returned to my yard to do some work. My neighbor came out and waved Hi. “Hey,” I yelled back, “I think you’d better look at that tree that hangs over your boathouse. I think it might fall. At the word “fall” the tree began to lean until it finally surrendered and crashed against the boathouse roof.” “How’d you do that!?” he yelled back. I have no idea to this day. It never happened again and I make no claim to any special “powers.” The Bible gives advice on evaluating information: Don’t believe serious accusations without confirmation by 2 or 3 witnesses. Well, my neighbor died 2 years ago and it was something only the 2 of us saw. I wouldn’t believe this if you told me. Perhaps you’d put it in the category of the pacemaker in (1). But I know…

Curiosities have their place…but be careful how you think about them them…