Turn off your computer!

And do that special thing with her (or him)

(For what I did, use the DOOR…)




(2-14-14)   I can’t tell because she hasn’t seen it yet…♥


(2-15-14)   She’s seen it, but still hasn’t dealt with it properly…More later…


(2-16-14)   Hard to explain this…I scored, but not in the way I expected…but things “aren’t finished.” This was no Hallmark card, but don’t read too much into that. I will conclude this one way or another real soon and report. Wow!

(2-18-14)  FINAL (I think) REPORT ♥ : Here’s what I did and here’s what happened. On Feb. 14 I got up at 4:30 AM and took a “huge pile” (I’ll be killed if I say how many) paper hearts I’d previously cut out, one for each year of K’s life and taped them to the walls of 3 of the rooms in our house–on the walls (somewhere) and where they could be seen without touching or moving anything. Each heart had a number for each year of her life, from “1” to ___. Now the years that she’d known me were RED hearts (way more than half of them). The years before I brightened up her life were a paler PINK. The heart for the year we met by the Sea of Galilee was half red and half pink. Her job was to find all the hearts and tape them on yellow sheets (that matched the flowers I got earlier). Setting that up (which took forever–there were a lot of hearts!), I went back to bed, got up, went out to breakfast as I usually do, and returned home with a special Starbucks. She hadn’t taken any hearts down–and wouldn’t! That put our house off limits. No way would I let anybody come in! “I just want look at them up there,” she said. “Well, focus on those red ones,” I returned. “I’ll take them off the day ‘The Bachelor’ comes on and you lock yourself in your office,” she finally said. Well, she finally did. She eventually found them all…all except one. I can see it every day when I pass through the room and even though she pesters for clues, I’ll never tell her where it is. (This spins off an idea my daughter taught me.)