The Secrets of

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A discardable picture and bio of the author?

Not here…


This unique “back cover” describes a plot and a setting

but unfortunately…


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…there’s no place for a back cover in many

electronic formats.


To warn about what lies ahead in this unusual story

the author returned to his ABC’s.


Here’s what’s missing from the ebook version of

Earth Is Not Alone:



“After terrible tragedy, a parent-teacher-student confrontation leads to the discovery of new worlds.”

                                        .     .     .     .     .

A.  Adventure that includes Assassination.  Abortion.  Adoption.  Attempted    rape.  Acrophobia.  Agnosticism.  Atheistic honor vs. Christian honor.

B.  Barter economy necessitated by disaster.  Burying those suddenly killed.

C.  Cheating suspected among Christian honor students.  Calendars in other worlds.

D.  Doubting.  Deception.  Demon possession.  Defending a mountain fortress  against impossible odds.  Dying in the line of duty.

E.  EMP (Electromagnetic pulse).  Exorcism.  Emryss and Elphia as planets?

F.  Fairness.  Faith asking for facts.  Fallen humans from other worlds.

G.  God in other worlds.

H.  Horrible natural disaster.  Hatred of killing and war.

I.  Interplanetary romance.

J.  Justice.  Jesus’ death and resurrection for salvation everywhere?

K.  Kidnapping.  Killing to survive.

L.  Love until death.

M.  Martial law.  Military strategy.  Mental retardation, an unexpected resource.  Missionary responsibility–how far does it go?

N.  Nuclear disaster.  No electricity.  No lights at night, and no motorized transportation.  New laws and rules.  Numbers and logic.  New  important stories and records discovered.

O.  Order vs. anarchy.

P.  Passion.  Princes.  Princesses and other royalty.  Prophecy from another planet.

Q.  Quick, necessary marriages.

R.  Risks of commitment.  Redefining time.

S.  Survival without electricity.  Substance abuse in a “fairy-tale” world.  “Susquehanna” behind walls.  Speaking in tongues.  Stories within    stories, carefully analyzed.  “Sci-fo” format.

T.  Tabloids and truth.  Travel to other planets?

U.  UFOs.  USA shrinking in size (to 47 states) and power.

V.  Vows to win at all costs.  Visions that language can’t explain.

W.  WDSS (What does Scripture say?).  Witches.  Worship in other worlds.

X.  The X with the “hanging spikes”–a legitimate symbol?

Y.  Young–too young–love, necessary but dangerous.

Z.  Zareba’s best secret.

[Many of these are background detail rather than developed themes…]

A mysterious global crisis seen from the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania–from Aeron to Zareba–in 500 (paper) pages with several illustrations by Dominic Catalano.  It’s all here–and more. (Price specially lowered temporarily–for electronic book).

This easy-to-follow story is perfect for a gray, rainy weekend–best by candlelight.  To read the first two chapters and see the front cover, see Earth Is Not Alone by John Knapp II at the upper right of this screen.

–One proofreader’s attention was first grabbed at “M” (see italics we added).

–Said one astrophysicist, also a seminary professor, “I read this twice and even enjoyed it even more the second time.”

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