Attention Anna, Hannah, Eve, Otto, Bob, Mom, and Dad!






Dennis and Edna sinned!


And there are other people real and imagined infected with





[For MORE requires the DOOR...]




Never forget that words convey content, which of course calls for evaluation.


But there’s also the way that words are put together.

That calls for a cliché:  “stepping out of the box.”

Welcome to wordplay  (nice alliteration, by the way).


Ekalaka Lake”  is a real place in Montana.  Two other places are “Adaven, Nevada” and “Apollo, PA.”


Dr. Awkward”  is (or was) a prof of African-American studies at U. Penn.  (Correct me, if I’m wrong.)


Anuta Catuna”  is (or was) a long-distance runner.


Would you believe “Dr. A. Verb Brevard” was a English prof at Brevard County Community College in Florida?  (Well, don’t, because I made it up. It comes from my upcoming book,   “I Love Me, Vol. I.”) But “Brevard,” is a real place where I live half-time; the doctor, however, is a fake…at least for the moment.


Perhaps Dennis and Edna did what they did because the believed the “devil never even lived.”


One more:  What do 1999 and 2000 have in common that 2000 and 2001 don’t?  Ans.: In Roman numerals both are palindromes.  MIM and MM.


[The history of palindromes goes back to the Second Century B.C. But that's another story...]