7  Persons (2 actually were groups) from the Bible who give special information about Jesus at the time of his birth.


One piece of this info

won’t appear

on your Christmas cards


With all the peace and joy, are we telling the whole story?


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Now let’s turn back the clock 2000 years.  These 7  special observers of, or participants in, events surrounding the birth of this Jesus:


 One was his Jewish mother, another his legal (and I have a special interest in legal arrangements!) Jewish father, and still another was a relative, possibly an aunt.


And one was a long-time childless Jewish priest.


Others were poor, brave Jewish herdsmen.


Add to that a couple of quiet, patient Jewish religious fanatics—both probably very senior citizens.


And add in some unexpected extraterrestials with surprising information.


Seven pieces of extrordinary information about Jesus’ birth were recorded in the New Testament.  Please take a Bible and check them out in the (slightly mixed) order I’ve given them.



1)  Luke 1:26-33

2)  Matthew 1:18-23

3)  Luke 1:8-17; 39-45

4)  Luke 1:57-80 (esp. v. 76)

5)  Luke 2:8-20

6)  Luke 2:36-38

7)  Luke 2:34-35


 Six of these present happy news–not filled with much detail, however.  But one of the seven has disturbing words suggest that there’s more to all this than happiness and joy.  As are the real experiences of daily life.


Who is this person?  What was said?  And if it’s not in the spirit of the season, what does it mean?



After the glitter of the 25th is over, we offer this holiday card to you¹.


¹ Clue: The person’s (or group’s) name starts with S.