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First, 3 things since we like to number:

(1)  Paper (for the 1st book) and hardback (for the 2nd) copies are also available.

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“The world may be going to hell everywhere else, but it’s not going                                            to happen in my class!”

   by John Knapp II

    (creator of  adozenseconds.com)

First, reviews of this are found everywhere…  A synopsis:  Suddenly mysterious atmospheric EMP explosions (Google “EMP,” or sample free ch. 2–click on the novel) have destroyed–so residents of a mountain community in n.e. Pennsylvania have discovered–all commercially generated electrical power worldwide. Or so they think. People and buildings aren’t harmed. But those who depend upon electricity are confronted with horrific life-and-death decisions. Rural “Susquehanna Territory” with “better” circumstances literally walls itself off and defends itself using armed minutemen with orders to “shoot to kill” any invaders who would take advantage of their comparatively better circumstances. More than 300 days have passed as the story begins. Local military rule has been surprisingly effective and community and business life, radically changed, limps along, with even schools adapting.

Within this crazy context, an atheistic English teacher has accused his two best senior honor students–a local boy and a mysterious, beautiful but severely visually handicapped girl with a “sealed” past–of cheating on an honors project, and thus failing. But who would care in such circumstances? Their atheist teacher does. Why would his two best students, both orphans, who claim to hardly know each other and are supposedly “Christians” in the same church, be so hypocritical!

But has the teacher an agenda of his own?

To unravel this mystery, two previously “unknown folk stories” must be carefully examined by the four–Michael (the boy), Triana (the girl), Marvin Cample (the teacher), and the Rev. Dr. Jonas Harwell (a pastor with science training)–in the most unusual 10-hour nonstop parent/student/teacher confrontation that ever occurred where each put everything they believe on the line, and are forced into making life-and-death decisions.

The two complete “folk” stories, “Death in a Tavern” and “The Secret of Zareba,” are included in the fast, easy-to-read 500-page paperback volume with illustrations by Dominic Catalano. Though the possibility of human life on other earth-like planets is considered in this story, the Bible is taken very seriously as God’s inspired Word, as to what it says and doesn’t say.

[The ebook version–art and all–is excellent for your smart phone or e-reader for those moments when you’re waiting in the car for the one you love to pick up “two items” in the grocery or hardware store.]



John Knapp II

Think Mother Goose.  This 129-page hardback book of original rhymes, each with a picture (one-half in color) is based upon characters and events in the Bible. Carefully arranged (with nearby Bible references) in chronological order, this is a perfect book for parents, or grandparents, to share with young children. And because of its electronic “searching” ability, this is a perfect tool for children’s church, children’s sermons, and Sunday school classes. This slightly revised, and now newly republished volume is back in print. In 1983 it won the first C. S. Lewis Gold Medal as the best (of 100 submitted) children’s books.


So see, surprise, we do have something to sell!  So on this, my birthday, I share–and recommend–a piece of my past.

(As the latter part of my more or less 3,000,000,000 heartbeats tick on.  🙂


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