“Automatic” and robotic responses predominate; specific, inquiry slides in through the cracks. That’s the way it’s come during our 8 months of existence.  With 3 featured NEW POSTS each week and multiple places to respond, that makes it easy.


HOW TO BE HEARD in the noise of 900 comments a day (and twice as many visits)?


Here are 7 comments to help you navigate:


(1)  We aren’t marketing (well…if you’re adventurous, there’s 2 books; that’s it.)


(2)  If you’re interested in our special philosophy/science/religion series, with all its connections, you can begin at “June 19, 2013” or simply “search” beginning with {1} and follow our numbers in braces  {  } (that’s just 3 or 4 clicks!). (There’s an order to what we say, but it wobbles a bit.)


[For MORE use the DOOR.]




(3)  Note that our “multiple” archives are very easy to use. We wander–deliberately–but it’s easy to zero in on a particular area, say science or language, if that’s your interest. And yes, we consider some posts connected.

(4)  Many who come dance between different posts. That’s expected and that’s fine. If our minds wander, so can yours. If at a post, your comment “fits” there, we’ll catch it there, even if it’s an old post.

(5)  We’ve been told several times that Safari works super with our website, but I.E. sometimes has difficulties. (So if you can, use Safari.)

(6)  Shotgun questions may hit every square foot of the barn, but they won’t bring down any game. Ask questions at the top of your list.

(7)   If you enjoy us, subscribe and pass the word. Our motivation? “MIND STEAM.” We’ll explain that in a future post…