With more than 2,400 “visits” and 800 comments to “dandle” [check that out…] in just the last 3 days, we stop to catch our breath in our philosophy/science/religion series, so we ask you (keeping in the spirit of the words under our picture) to…




North Dakota!

[For you Internats*, that’s one of the 50 states in the USA.]


First, the fantastic numbers:   3.2%      and $1,700,000,000

Do you know anyone in, or from N.D.?

[For MORE use the DOOR…This isn’t a geography lesson, by the way…]




Info by the number:

(1)  Population: 672,000 with 1 governor, 2 senators, and 1 representative to Congress (all whose names you’ve never heard of), in the “most rural” state in the U.S.

(2)  A state budget surplus of $1.7 billion dollars, and the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 3.2%.

(3)  The reason:  A major factor is that North Dakota has become the 2nd biggest oil-producing state in the U.S. behind only Texas.  In the last 5 years oil production has increased from 100,000 barrels a day to 800,000 barrels. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “the Bakken Shale formation underneath the northern plains…[is] the largest continuous oil accumulation it has ever seen” **. And it’s been horizontal drilling, or “fracturing” (or “fracking”) which is a radically new–and controversial–American technological development that’s made this possible. For those concerned with the “fracking debate,” a close eye upon what happens in North Dakota is advised. When lawyers migrate north, big things are up.

(4)  A Who’s Who from N.D. includes

Phil Jackson (NBA player & coach)

Louis L’Amour (western writer)

Lawrence Welk (old-time band leader)


* For those of you who got this far “Internat” is a neologism that my outdated spell corrector keeps wanting to change to “Internet.” Well, it’s wrong. Here’s the definition:  Internat – (n) a receiver of information on the Internet from a country that differs from that of the sender (i.e. a contracted form of “international” when used as a noun for a person from a different country who uses the Internet.) Ex.: “We welcome Internats who visit our site.”  Source: KIDz [Knapp’s Internet Dictionary.] You heard “Internat” here first. Save this post. It’s a piece of history!

** Info from (2) and (3) taken from Time (Aug. 12, 2013).