The honest struggle to learn “MORE” should be accompanied by a good sense of humor. It’s easy to get tangled up, and if you do, you’re in good company.


Here’s a quote from Ward’s delightfully complex More Than Matter? that kept me reading further…and eventually led to my sharing many of his ideas here.

(Some of our special ideas will appear in the next post…)


For what Ward dug up on David Hume you have to use the DOOR.




In his studies at Oxford, Keith Ward found himself deeply attracted to 2 prominent philosophers (I’ll spare you the names) who had opposite views on what everything was all about. (That, by the way, is a great environment for real education!*) So, he actually found himself “learning” though at times he was quite confused along the way. Let me put it in his words:

“That, I suppose is a mark of good philosophers. They can make you believe that something is supremely reasonable for the space of half an hour, as they take you into their thought world. But, as David Hume** used to say, if you put their books down and go play backgammon, you quickly recover the ordinary beliefs you had before you read their books and wonder what came over you to make you think what they said was so reasonable.“***

“Go play backgammon” might, at times, be good counseling advice.

But Ward eventually went much further before he himself became a lecturer at Oxford.

Here, for example, is what Ward came up with and led to the writing of his book:

Human persons are not accidental mistakes in a pointless perambulation of fundamental particles. They are a window into the inner reality, value, and purpose of the cosmos.”****

A good MIND at work.


* It was a controversial review of Keith Ward’s More Than Matter?: What Humans Really Are (Lion, 2010, Kindle Version) that led me to get his book in the first place.

** David Hume (1711-1776) was a Scottish philosopher, economist, and historian.

*** More Than Matter?  Ch. 1.

**** More Than Matter?  Intro.