But which of the 12 windows on the 3rd floor of the TOWER where I work?  Now I’m in the mtns. of PA, under the 54-ft. bookshelf that circles just above the windows. The Lake (see above) glimmers in the sunlight on a crisp spring day. FL flatland fades away…

[If you want Part 2 of this brief ramble, then pretend the DOOR is a




This is really “WISE WORDS (a1),” an extension of “WISE WORDS (a)” that appeared on Feb. 12, near the beginning of this blog/website. Three things we’ve learned since then:

(1) Bland titles are not wise words.

(2) Yes, the Feb. 12 post may be little more than soft-shell arrogance. (“‘Wise’ according to whom?” and “So what?”) Yes, we’re guilty now and then of such expression. Remember the DOOR has a knob. You don’t have to turn it and push. Forgive, tell us,  and come back.

(3) Our multiple archives are unusual, and we hope they can help if you come here to “fish.”  If you’re interested in the explosion of what’s going on in science, go to the column of categories at the left and click on science. There in neat little packets you can find what we’ve discussed about that. If stories, words, or writing is your passion, go to language. If Christianity, or “faith” beyond science, then it’s religion, or maybe philosophy. If we refer to the “Feb. 12 post,” or any post by date, you can go to the right and click on “2013,” then “February” and scroll down to “page 3.” It’s abbreviated, short, and fast.

Now what about the “Wise Words (a1)” part?

Once again, I’m following my “Interstate of Daily Life” advice (that I have to keep telling myself). I live in two places, pancake FL and hilly PA. FL is now behind me and I’m in the mountains of PA. It was a 1300-mile car trip, wife♥ in the front seat reading to me, my cat in the back seat sleeping. If a rogue tsunami erases FL (there’s only one or two 300 ft. high bumps in the landscape) and makes GA our southern border, and I’m not killed, I have a northern haven–pleasant if I can stay on the winding mtn. road, and collect and split enough firewood.  My books and grandmother clock still work if the power goes off, and if that’s for a long, long time,  my novel Earth Is Not alone (if you have a paper copy) can give you a clue to what might  come next.

In FL the birds will survive…

As I said earlier, I’m a creature of habit. Now my Mac accompanies me in my early morning “breakfast-rat rambling.” And that’s new. I’ve adapted. But where in PA are the early morning dens that have–workable–wi-fi? That I still have to discover.