“SCRABBLE PALINDROMIC VOWEL-BOOKENDED TRIOS” would be a more-accurate, but off-putting, title.

So this is a GIMMICK to increase your score. Memorize it, and impress your opponent across the table. This is an original special to “Dozenseconders”:

1) For “i” there is nothing.

2) For “u” there is only ulu.

3) For “o” there is only oho, ono, and oxo. (Memorize them!)

4) For “a” remember “Believing whom?” Any CONSONANT here can be bookended by “a’s.” Ex: “Awa” is a legitimate word.

5) For “e” remember “Murky wave.” Any CONSONANT here can be bookended by “e’s.” Ex: “Eme” is a legitimate word.

Without memorizing a list, this can quickly give you 18 words, several unusual, if you need them. There’s a bit more on the other side of the DOOR.


Believing whom?…Believing whom?… Believing whom?  (Picture a room of people arguing politics or religion. You’re bewildered about whom to believe. Say this aloud and it’s yours. The a‘s are the most difficult.)

Murky wave…murky wave…murky wave. (Picture an algae-filled or sewage-filled wave crashing and rolling in. The grosser the better! Say this aloud and the e trios are yours.)

And now a BONUS for “ye” followers of adozenseconds: “Pet walked, barked.” (Imagine yourself walking a dog that continually barks. Okay…Any CONSONANT used there can be put in front of “ye” to make a legitimate word. Ex: “kye.” Without a list, this provides 9 more words, some familiar, of course.

SUPER BONUS: Here are all the 3-letter words that start with z, many just hidden at the beginning of longer z words. Remember, the crazier the sentences, the more vivid the picture that reveals what you need. (Remember, you saw it here first!)


Zuz zigzagged thru the zinnias and zipped thru zee zoo filled with zitty zoa before he was zapped by a zax dropped by Zeke from a zeppelin. He went zzz forever.

Before we end, reflect on how far humans go in manipulating symbols (letters and numbers) to communicate. Ants, butterflies, birds, and other creatures also have symbolic ways to communicate to accomplish marvelous things. But nothing, however, can compare with how humans use symbols to look far back, far ahead, far out, or far inside themselves and their universe to try and find out who they are and where they live.


[♠]  Hmsch:  The fascination of some children, even those quite young, with things strange and unfamiliar is often overlooked. Librarians, long before the Internet, noticed that the book of choice for many was The Guinness Book of Records. This curiosity of many, if gently encouraged, can extend into words and numbers through games and other activities. And, believe it or not, Scrabble can be one. Learning ways to justify odd words that can be easily recalled and brandished can be very satisfying for some.