(2)  Yes, I like to number things…I’ll continue that here.

(3)  Number of posts on our first month (Feb. 9-28): 12   (PLEASE NOTE:  YOU CAN QUICKLY SCAN THE TITLES AND FIRST 4 LINES OF EACH FEBRUARY, 2013, POST BY CLICKING 2013, FEB ON THE ARCHIVE TAB AND ON THE CATEGORIES TAB.  And the DOOR “works” on these two unlike at the RECENT POSTS tab on the lefthand side.)

(4)  Number of visits:  2999  (Yes, that includes the robots looking at us, and our “revising trips”)

(5)  Number of “unique visitors”:  649  (different visitors)

(6)  Number of things sold here:  None.  Not our purpose.  (But, yes, I mention my books…)

(7)  Then what is our purpose?   [For MORE go through the DOOR]


(7 cont.)  Perhaps you should look again at the WHAT tab under the picture.  And inspect the CATEGORY tabs.  Yes, we get distracted, delighted, and intrigued by curious details around us, but we promised that.  “Heavier” 12-sec. moments are in the pipeline.

(8)  We’ve added things, tweaked things, learning as we go.  One biggie:  Can you easily CONTACT us?  Quite frankly, I have trouble getting through on about one-half of other sites where I make attempts to do this.  So I often say to heck with it.  I don’t want that to happen here.  If you have trouble, let us know.  There are MANY PLACES in the posts to talk, react (blog), and give feedback.  Please do.  Remember, we check each comment before publishing it, and that may take a day or three, SO IF YOU DON’T WANT PART OF A COMMENT TO GO PUBLIC, SAY SO.  And your comments certainly can challenge what we say.  We appreciate your correcting errors in content or taste.

(9)  To answer one common question:  If you start searching through past posts, YOU LOSE THE DOOR.  Your 12-second beginning blends in with whatever follows.   (Now to repeat, I think…)  If you search posts using the “1-2-3-4-5-etc.” or under the new post you KEEP the DOOR and suspense.  And you KEEP the DOOR  if you skim through the “date” archives on the upper right (as well as on Categories).

(10)  Some say, “Sometimes your ’12 seconds’ are longer than what my clock reports.”  We say, “Read faster.”  BTW, we generously use caps, BOLD, underlining, and italics  to speed up the skimming that you probably do here (if you travel this far).  And, don’t forget, as Einstein once pointed out, sometimes time travels at different speeds.  Your clock might not be telling you the whole story…

(11)  OK, so PUSHING “LIKE” at our site is old-fashioned and makes you feel like a groupie.  Please do it anyway and humor us.  It won’t come back to bite you.

(12)  Encourage us.  Challenge us.  Take us to to the woodshed if necessary.  (If you don’t understand that old metaphor, well…another post?)

(13)   ←This time it’s a baker’s dozen.  We march on to  MARCH…