A definition of interest:

DOMESDAY BOOK —  [dooms day] (n.)   A comprehensive record of the extent, value, ownership, and liabilities of land in England made in A.D. 1086 by order of William I.

(old spelling of “doomsday” which apparently applied because the book was regarded as a final authority)

–from the Kindle Oxford Dictionary


“Doomsday” was, according to Christian belief, the Day of Final Judgment.  Inheritors of lands and estates not only had many ruling privileges, but they by the will of Heaven, and the king, had responsibility for caring for the land as well as meeting the needs of those who lived on it.  Perhaps this may be of interest to those Downton Abbey fans to help them understand the passion and concern of those who for whatever reason found themselves in charge.  A word to tuck away and remember…

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