Here are 3 websites where religion, usually CHRISTIANITY, is taken very seriously as well as MODERN SCIENCE.  They are run by scholars with PhD’s in sciences or science-related areas, and by some with “double doctorates,” including graduate training in theology, Bible languages, Near Eastern Studies, math, philosophy, or apologetics


(1)   (from Reasons To Believe, headed by Hugh Ross, PhD in astronomy, and, in his words, a “Christian evangelist.”)


(2)  (from the American Scientific Affiliation;  an 60+ year-old organization of Christians who are scientists, or are professionals with an active interest in science and how it relates to Christian belief.)


(3)  (from The Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute, headed by Robert Newman, PhD in astrophysics.)


(Further info through the DOOR)


     In a previous article I mentioned Scientific American as a good source for up-to-date information on science and scientific research.  This magazine, of course, reflects almost entirely secular thinking about the world of science.

      “As it should,” many voices would agree.  Of course some “voices” would add, at times important religious considerations that others are unaware of, or are indifferent to, are either not taken seriously or are ignored.

        More about the 3:

(1)  Offers a “Message of the Month”; has a number of books that are very readable–my favorite: Beyond the Cosmos; the latest, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is.  Ross, a committed Christian and an engaging speaker, has given lectures at hundreds of secular, as well as Christian, colleges and universities.

(2)  I believe the American Scientific Affiliation, with its 2000+ members, is the oldest continuing organization scientists who are also Christians who take their faith seriously.  A significant, but minimal, statement of Christian faith is required.  I am a member.  Differences of interpretation are politely voiced at meetings, and new developments in science are recognized and explored as they relate to Christianity.

(3)  This is the “sleeper” of the three, the one that only admits Christians with “double doctorates” or their equivalents as members.  It is the smallest of the three, now mainly provides well-written, and fascinating, research papers, and papers on general science/Christian faith issues, some in several languages including Chinese.  For many years the astrophysicist Newman was also a professor of New Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

There are other sites, but these are the ones I recommend.