GOD? A DEBATE BETWEEN A CHRISTIAN AND AN ATHEIST by William Lane Craig and Walter Sinnot-Armstrong.  

(Oxford Univ. Press, 2004; Kindle version)

This is not for everyone, but some who come here will thoroughly enjoy, and profit from, this spirited debate between two well-educated scholars.  If you wonder about the “God Question,” this is an excellent place to acquaint yourself with up-to-date arguments.  And the Christian here (Craig) is not just repeating old stuff.  He’s a world expert, by the way, on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Note, first to homeschoolers (teachers or students), and then to others:  If you’ve a craving to dig deeper, and you’re within the “RANGE” (see above tab), some of you will find this not only worth your time, but unforgettable.  I rush this post in now, because yesterday (at the time of this writing) at a discussion I was part of, following a night-time program at the university (some of you can figure out where), an honest desire was expressed to understand what new things Christians had to say about the “God issue.”

William Lane Craig is well educated, and is one of America’s leading apologists (“arguer”) for historic Christian faith.  I have read this entire book more than once, and I strongly recommend it, and so will place it in SOURCES in our archives.  Here are the back-and-forth 6 chapters for bait.  It’s a great book to put on your Kindle to nibble at from time to time.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

1.  Five Reasons God Exists  (Craig)

2.  There Is No Good Reason to Believe in God  (Sinnott-Armstrong)

3.  Reason Enough  (Craig)

4.  Some Reasons to Believe that There Is No God  (Sinnott-Armstrong)

5.  Theism Undefeated  (Craig)

6.  Atheism Undaunted  (Sinnott-Armstrong)