101     equals     10

10   equals    100

103     equals    1000


107    equals   10,000,000

 See the pattern?  Just count the zeros to get the “raised little number,” or superscript, or exponent.  Why ever do this?  Simply because it’s much easier to write enormously large  numbers this way.   Here’s a bit more, if you want it.  We call this writing numbers in the “power of 10s.”  If we want to write, say, “60” in powers of 10 we could write it like this:  6 X 101, or write “600,000” as  6 X 10, or write “6,000,000,000” (or 6 billion) as  6 X 109  .  Don’t be put off by numbers like this.  Sometimes they’re real handy.

Why put this post in here at this point?  Coming up will be some posts that have very large numbers.  Your screen may not be wide enough to write them the old, ordinary way.  Well…not quite.  But when typing a lot of zeros it’s easy to lose count.